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Taking Exercise Helps You Get Rid of the Sub-Health

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PostSubject: Taking Exercise Helps You Get Rid of the Sub-Health Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:30 am

Most women are under sub- health. Recently an agency carried out a survey to 5,000 working women and found 90% of them are under sub-health, having low bone mineral density, obesity and inadequate vital capacity and many other problems. Experts suggest women take exercise actively to walk out the sub-health.

Less sitting, more exercising thin your waist and belly
Too much fat in the waist and belly is the main characteristic of women under sub-health. In fact, both women and men with fat belly and waist are easier to suffer from the high blood pressure. 50% of them get high blood pressure, 3 times more chance than normal people. What’s more, too much fat induces heart disease, high blood fat, high cholesterol and coronary heart disease. The main reason for having a fat belly and waist is that women have less intensive work and sit for a very long time at the office.

The significance of taking exercise lies not only in losing weight, but also building a healthy body. Only a healthy body can recover from tiring work. Only a healthy body can metabolize normally and clear away the harmful substances from the body. If you stick on taking exercise, you can gain a completely healthy body. The recommended aerobic sports include swimming, climbing stairs, riding a bike and jumping rope.

Enlarging bosom exercise increases the vital capacity
When did you check your vital capacity last time? Was it on the physical examination of high school graduation? Can you still blow a large balloon in a breath? Can you still whistle an entire piece of song?

Our organs, systems, tissues and cells are consuming oxygen every second. A low vital capacity means the body is less able to take oxygen in and clear the waste gas away. Thus, people have sub-health problems like headache, chest tight, spirit drooping, inattention, bad memory, and insomnia.

Taking exercise is the best way to increase the strength of respiratory muscle and improve the elasticity of the lung. Thus, functions of the lung are enhanced. Proper sports can improve the vital capacity and bring the body more fresh oxygen. The recommended sports include the free-hand exercise like enlarging bosom and raising arm, and the hypoxic training like diving and swimming.

Jogging brings strong bones
Low bone mineral density is the chief problem of women’s sub-health. According to one survey, 20-25 years old working women lack calcium. As time passes, calcium is lost faster and faster, like a reservoir loses water when only the drain is opened and the water inlet is closed.

Experts say that it is resulted from the women eating little and eating vegetables for most of time. They lack nutrition, such as calcium and proteins. In addition, women sit indoors for a long time, little time to bask. Thus, the light can not be changed into vitamin D by photosynthesis, and thus, affects the absorption of calcium.

Low bone mineral density is not a small problem as it can result in osteoporosis and fracture. Experts suggest women in low bone mineral density take more exercise, such as 1 hour of aerobic exercise every day. Bones are supplied with calcium like banks deposited with cash. The recommended sports include some aerobic exercise like jogging, walking fast and play badminton.
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Taking Exercise Helps You Get Rid of the Sub-Health

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