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something about lead acetate,basic

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PostSubject: something about lead acetate,basic Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:17 pm

Lead acetate,basic 's another name is lead acetate, a white translucent irregular crystals. General there are three crystal water. It is a slight vinegar and sweet so it's common name is sugar of lead, toxic, soluble in water, volatile. Its specific gravity is 2.55, is a covalent compound, is difficult in the water ionization. Lead acetate,basic at 75 ℃, lost three crystal water, become white anhydrous lead acetate. Begin to decompose above 100 ℃, 200 ℃ above to degrade completely. In dry air to weathering. It can dissolve in water. It is a weak electrolyte. It is in molecular form in aqueous solution is slightly soluble in ethanol, there is very little ionization. Lead acetate exposed in the air by absorbing carbon dioxide on the surface of the white basic lead carbonate. With acids, bases, salts from the chemical reaction. Lead acetate test paper can be used to detect H2S gas (black). It is mainly used in the production of lead acid, stearic acid lead and lead salts of the raw materials. Lead acetate in the pigment industry reaction with sodium dichromate is Making chrome yellow (lead chromate that is) the basic raw materials. In the textile industry, used soap water bottle canvas preparation of the raw materials of lead. In the electroplating industry, it is the luminous copper cyanide agent. It is also the fur industry, dyeing auxiliary.
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something about lead acetate,basic

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