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Daily Foods Give You a Healthy Life

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PostSubject: Daily Foods Give You a Healthy Life Tue Jul 19, 2011 2:59 pm

Do you want to maintain a healthy life? You can achieve this purpose by taking in appropriate nutrients. Following are eight kinds of best and nutritious food, which not only can meet the essential needs of modern people, but also have a lot of health-care effects on human body.
Firstly, spinach:
Spinach contains a large number of iron and vitamin B, which can effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. What's more, spinach contains little calories, so it is very suitable for the women who want to lose weight.
Secondly, nuts:
Nuts not only can increase the level of "beneficial" cholesterol in human body, but also can reduce the triglycerides in the blood, so it is the best food to prevent heart diseases. No matter peanut or almond, they are all good choice.
Thirdly, cauliflower:
A large number of studies have pointed out that cauliflower is rich in carotene and vitamin C. Long-term eating cauliflower can reduce the rate of suffering from breast cancer, rectum cancer, and gastric cancer.
Fourthly, oats:
Eating oats every day can reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Research has found out that oats can also reduce the blood pressure. The high content of fibers contained in oats can bring people a satiety feeling in a short time. In such a case, this can reduce the intake of other oil and fatty food, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the weight.
Fifthly, strawberry:
Strawberry contains the most abundant antioxidants in all the fruits and vegetables. Apart from preventing heart disease and cancer, it can also promote the development of intelligence.
Sixthly, tomato:
Many researches have found out that the lycopene contained in tomato can greatly reduce the probability of suffering from cancer. During the cooking process, lycopene can release naturally. What's more, tomato is also the best source of vitamin C.
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Daily Foods Give You a Healthy Life

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