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Bearberry glucoside and arbutin difference

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PostSubject: Bearberry glucoside and arbutin difference Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:24 pm

Arbutin, alias bearberry glucoside, bearberry element, bearberry leaves glucoside, bearberry phenolic glucoside or Yang mei glucoside, because of its earliest derived from natural green plants, is a collection of "green" and "safe" and "effective" concept in the integration of skin -lightening active substances. It can instantly penetrate into deep skin, do not affect skin cell proliferation concentration at the same time, effectively restrain skin in the activity of tyrosinase, blocking the synthesis of melanin, by itself and the combination of tyrosinase, accelerate the melanin decomposition and excretion, thus reduce skin melanin, dispel spot and freckles. it to produce melanin cell but not poisonous, irritancy, allergenic nature side-effects such, and skin and healing, sterilizing and collaborative and anti-inflammatory functions. arbutin is at present abroad popular whitening raw material of.
Bearberry grain its name origin, because it is extracted from a leaf, called bearberry leaves. in fact in some fruits and it can be found, such as trace element bearberry western pear, small sorbic etc high-altitude plants. Bearberry meal with yeast acerbity same whitening effect, and is by suppressing the role of cheese ammonia acerbity ferment to destroy wheat. It can produce hydroquinone after hydrolysising, which prevent bask in ability is high, the pale spot effect is strong. Natural bearberry leaves extraction, but meal from quality control is not easy, use restrictions that quantity is 7%.
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Bearberry glucoside and arbutin difference

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